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Are you considering applying to grad school, but aren’t sure where to begin.  Janice Harper’s book “How to Get Into Grad School ( Even if You’re Broke, Dimwitted or Spent Your Undergrad Years so Smashed You Can’t Even Spell GPA)” provides a road map on how to get into the graduate program of your choice and how to make the graduate school application process manageable.  Her humorous and informative book provides just the nudge–and game plan–that you need.

How to Get Into Grad School (Even if You’re Broke, Dimwitted or Spent Your Undergrad Years so Smashed You Can’t Even Spell GPA),
Revised Edition.  Backdoor Press, 2012, Revised 2016.

What began as a long article in 2012 has now grown to be a hundred page book (revised 2016) on how anyone can get into graduate school with enough understanding of the process and how to best address or get around any shortcomings. With sections on choosing the best degree for your needs, finding and applying to universities, establishing relationships with faculty before applying, writing the personal statement, and taking the entrance exams, How to Get Into Grad School is an enjoyable but practical guide that even the best students can find invaluable.

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“I just finished How to Get into Grad School… and I just wanted to thank you. I have felt so anxious throughout this whole process (so much so that I delayed applying a year) and your book really helped. I’ve started doing my research and contacting the faculty studying things that are interesting to me and your section on that was very helpful.”


“Your book was truly an eye opener and addressed many of the questions that I have been pondering for some time now.”


“I downloaded your book about getting into grad school. It is a brilliant book and has helped me a lot.”


“I recently read your book about getting into Grad School and absolutely loved it. It was fun to read and has helped me to narrow down my choices.”


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