Janice-Harper-Ghostwriting-writing-coachJanice Harper has ghostwritten a number of memoirs and nonfiction books, including an award-winning young adult memoir. Although most of her clients and book titles are confidential, she has ghostwritten books on health issues, overcoming insurmountable odds, addiction, abuse, life in a religious cult, alternative healing, adoption, death and dying, international travel and adventure. When researching her books and working with her clients, Dr. Harper conducts extensive research on not only the subjects she is writing about, but the geographical locations, local sites, cultures and eras so that the settings and narrative ring true and come to life.

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driving-in-the-dark-book-Janice-HarperAlthough her clients are confidential, one client brought more to the table than most authors—she brought with her memories she’d sketched out, diaries, and reams of court documents to support her amazing story of resilience and recovery. The result was Driving in the Dark: A Childhood Memoir, by Zoe Niklas and Janice Harper, Create Space 2015, which she has agreed to share here.

In this remarkable story of how a young girl endured and escaped a childhood of abuse from a charismatic but damaged mother she loved, Zoe Niklas and Janice Harper draw the reader into the world of addiction, abuse, the foster system and adoption during the 1960’s when courts were hesitant to remove children from the family home, no matter how horrifying the life inside it.

“I have had the distinct honor to have worked with Janice Harper. I was at my adopted father’s deathbed when it came to me that I had to finish my book to honor my family and tell my amazing story. My first contact, author Brenda Peterson, told me that a wonderful memoir writer was available to work with students. So I called her.

That phone call led to a successful writing collaboration and a budding friendship. Janice became my Pied Piper and drew the stories out of me. She was so gentle with me that I was able to finally put the memories of my childhood to rest. She helped me through the frustrations and mental blocks  to a delightful clarity. She gave me my adult narrator voice and created a narrative that brought my book to life.

I owe so much to Janice for her help in getting my book finished. I published my book, Driving in the Dark: A Childhood Memoir, two years to the day of Dad’s passing. I don’t believe in coincidence, I know that Janice was a gift to me.  I honor and trust Janice, and you can too!

Zoe Niklas

author of Driving in the Dark